Musing on AAPs Battle Royale

Not one day had passed after the swearing-in that eNREGA and BJP trolls along with their friends in paid-media started hounding the AAP Govt saying “Now you are in power, what have you done?” They put the Delhi Govt under intense scrutiny – right from where the CM should stay to how AAP was doing its drama by not using Govt. vehicles and security.

Every step was critiqued – even when they fulfilled their poll promises of free water and electricity. They were ridiculed for fulfilling what were their poll-promises. The logic offered – Subsidies are BAD, but building 2,500 Crore statues are good. What has Rajasthan, Chattisgarh or even MP Govt achieved so far?

When the rape of a Danish woman happened in the heart of the city, everybody blamed AAP Govt. Fact is that the Delhi Govt has no control over the police. And when Kejriwal reiterated that, he was told “You are same as Sheila”. He was compared to SHEILA who said that her own daughter felt unsafe in the city. Now you see the difference. The present dispensation is not at the mercy of the Congress high-command. They will not hesitate in taking on the Center over what it feels is a genuine grouse. The truth is – here is a “Leader” who will not play by the rules of the establishment. And nothing makes the establishment more jittery – just look at the response of mainstream media.

The Delhi Police under the Home Ministry also showed its true colors. They misbehaved and altogether ignored whatever instruction was given by an elected representative of the people. Have these cops ever had the courage to stand against a Congress MP or their boss – Home Minister Shinde? Would they speak rashly against a BJP MP? I have seen photos where cops bend and touch the feet of politicians like Mayawati. But Arvind – who claims to be the common man’s CM – he is being treated like crap. Delhi Police has been infamous for its practices of collecting hafta from the poor.Now you see how the cops behave with Aam Aadmi.

They steadfastly refused action against the drug cartels and prostitution dens in the city for months. And when a Minister asked them to take action, they showed the rule book. If Rahul Gandhi would have asked for action, the rule book would have become nonsense and thrown into the dustbin. In Gujarat, police carried encounter killings and snooped on women for their political bosses – where was the rulebook then? The same Delhi Police raided, evicted and ultimately killed Rajbala in Ramlila Maidan in a midnight swoop. It has been made to appear that law does not work 24×7. So if you are being killed in the dead of the night, forget the cops coming to save you.

It has been quoted often “Law is an Ass“. Now it has been proven so.

Let me also remind that the Cops have never entered the precincts of whore-houses at Kamatipura, D.B.Road and Sona Gachi. They never did anything at Batla House. And they arrested Kasab only after the warrant was issued by the due process in daylight.

Arvind and his cabinet have taken the right decision by escalating the matter. This is not about a Somnath or a Rakhi Bidlan. This is not about those 3 policemen. This is about the ego, lethargy and arrogance that Delhi Police has imbibed from their political bosses at the Center. If they have no respect for the elected State representatives, how will they claim to protect the citizens?

Everybody says that there are procedures and rules which the Delhi Govt should abide by. But remember, it is those very rules because of which Modi is still being investigated for his 2002 role – the due process is still working 12 years hence. It is same process which is still debating whether the roles of Sajjan Kumar and Tytler should be investigated in the 1984 riots – 30 years on. And what process do we talk of – when Samajwadi Party treats IAS as their servants and Khemka is transferred every week. The argument of “Rules and Due processes” is a sham – which has been exploited by the powers to their own benefit. The rules and due processes are twisted and turned at the convenience of the powers that be.

I am disappointed that the Delhi Govt is only demanding for suspension of the cops. They should ask for atleast partial control of the Delhi Police. The way paid-media has taken AAP to task shows that instructions have come from way top in the High Command to condemn AAP. Congress has never learnt from its mistakes. What I learn from the entire sham is – The Indian Establishment will support drug-peddlers and prostitutes over the needs and calls of Indian citizens, if it helps them gain political power.

As an afterthought, there has been video evidence of Delhi Police spreading love all around. Just watch…