True Grief

We think we have it tough. We face break-ups. We come face-to-face to live with broken dreams. With broken hearts. Broken promises. Disappointments. Failure. Rejection. Pah, tough life we have. But at least we all have something – someone to talk to. It could be someone in the family, maybe a friend, maybe a relative. Man Humans being social animals, no one is truly alone. But what if we have to face it all alone?

I stumbled upon a video on YouTube today. It showed a dog attending the funeral of his master – a soldier who had lost his life in Afghanistan. It was touching to see the dog sit right through the entire service. And what it felt – it was able to express without saying a word. We can all empathize with humans in such a case. But can we empathize with the quantum of loss faced by a mute animal.

Sad Dog

True Grief – Indeed…

When a person loses someone, he or she ultimately finds a way to overcome the grief. The loss can be rationalized – made bearable by moving to a new place, finding new friends, engaging in a hobby or taking a break. Some people immerse themselves into their work with renewed vigor. But what about a dog? Or a cat for that matter?? For a pet, the master means the world. They look at relationships in a way which is different from what humans look at relationships. For them, there is no give and take – their feelings are unconditional. The lives of the pets are entwined with the lives of their master.

When the master dies, how can a pet rationalize? Does a dog understand Karma, or what war means, what disease means?? The passing of the master leaves a void in their hearts – which they can never channelize anywhere. They can only brood – with a confused daze. Depression must be killing for them. They have no words to express their loss and frustration. No psychologists to understand and counsel them. No PlayStations to divert their minds. No hobbies. No books. No music. Nothing but a stare into the hollowness of time…

We must be lucky then, that we are humans – for any loss is ultimately bearable.

For the man’s best friends – it must be Hell…


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