Ha Ha Hee Hee in FaceBookistan…

Broadly, we can say that the human race has changed most in the past 100 years than in any other century. The Generation X, Y and Millennial brigade have all had to endure tough times incorporating these changes, which they have done admirably. Now, all the depository of knowledge that humans have built since the beginning of time is now accessible to us anytime. But are we progressing or are we regressing. Would you believe that mobiles and computers were invented to save our time :D!!

Republic of FaceBookistan

Possibly, the greatest invention of our times must be Facebook. It was preceded by other social networks like Orkut and Hi5 (Remember those, anyone?). But the success they enjoyed was zilch compared to how Facebook has taken over our lives. If Facebook were to be declared a country today – It would be the the third largest country. As if that weren’t interesting enough trivia, look at what I found trolling the world wide web in the night when the world assumes I sleep:

  • 219 billion photos shared
  • 2.7 billion ‘Likes’ – EVERY DAY !!!
  • 1.18 trillion “likes
  • 17 billion location check-ins
  • Median age of a Facebook user is 22 years

It sure appears to be a virtual paradise – where everyone is smiling and having one big party. But there is one Universal Law of Alchemy which should not be forgotten..

“”In Order To Obtain Or Create Something, Something Of Equal Value Must Be Lost Or Destroyed”

The rule always existed. For the happiness in the virtual world, You, Me, WE have knowingly (or unknowingly) agreed to forsake the reality to find hollowness in the virtual world.Today, we can see ourselves living 2 (maybe more) lives – one in the physical world, and one in the virtual world!! That brings us face to face with a very critical question- Who is the real you? The one I meet, the one who I touch, the one who I see breathing, or the one who is smiling, laughing, and livin’ it up on my computer screen.

Facebook has the capability to bring out the “wrong” best out of you. The stream of people laughing all the time is unnerving – makes us think “Am I The Only One Whose Life Is Not Perfect?”.. It is obvious that people lie on Facebook, look for ways to escape from the pithy sadness and hollowness of their real lives. Maybe that is the reason we see so many images of people enjoying their vacations. The suicide rates and depression among the youth are highest in the history – and I would never be able to come to such a conclusion after reading the status updates and seeing the Facebook photos of the youth. Today, it has become impossible to escape from past – you are sure to run into your “that” Ex, and human nature being what it is – It has made us all perverts, stalkers. We now spend time searching for the meaning of our lives in the profiles of others. We have so many friends of FaceBook, still we end up lonely in the crowd.

Kids as young as 5 today have Facebook profiles. The agony of being unfriended from one list, watching the travails of their kindergarten classmates living the perfect lives – it only leads to fake and hollow, or depressed kids. The emotional wrecks fail to see past the hollowness of Facebook. The emotional impact of it all will only be visible when the kids grow up.

This mirage of happiness is what many people escape to – carrying out their parts of the trades to ensure they continue missing out on all the beauty around them in the physical world so that the aura around them endures in FaceBookistan.  Sun-rises, sunsets, waterfalls, birds and all of beauty around them are enjoyed with the sole aim of sharing it on the virtual world. In the process they miss out on so much awesomeness around them – every instant !

Blessed are those who stay away from Facebook.. I know, I was one of them…


2 thoughts on “Ha Ha Hee Hee in FaceBookistan…

  1. Facebook depressed me, that’s why i threw the devil out of my life.I am one among the facebookless people. Good post. I didn’t know that kids as young as 5 use it.

  2. Hello.This post was truly motivating, particularly because I was browsing for thoughts on this topic last Saturday.

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