Bathroom and Creativity !!

It is a familiar phenomenon – sitting down to write something, but not knowing what to write. Quirky – but true, the most inspirational ideas come not when sitting in a garden and getting struck on the head by apples, but by sitting in the bathroom while taking a plonk. There has to be some positive energy – Yin – in the bathroom.

History is replete with examples of the inspirational role played by the sacred space in our lives. Remember Archimedes? I am sure there must be many other scientists – who are not revealing the true location of their discoveries for appearing to sound clean and politically correct. I believe that answers to some of the most important questions of life can be found sitting on the sacred throne! Talents hitherto unknown have often been “exposed” in bathroom – right from singing and dancing to swimming 😛 Check out any public bathroom – maybe even in your school/college/office – the interesting Graffiti is sure to hit you hard. You might not have felt it earlier, but this is a very creative world we live in. I can personally vouch for the creative influence played by the Bathroom. Some of the most insightful components of my reports and presentations have come while I was answering the nature’s call!

It is probably because of the sense of privacy and tranquility in the sacred room, that an individual can be his/her true self. The air of superiority and confidence that one experiences when in the bathroom – it is probably the one place which comes with a guarantee to stoke creativity. The momentary disengagement from all worldly happenings somehow clears up our minds and offers us newer perspectives and views of a problem.

Makes me wonder:

  • Did Shakespeare write his plays while sitting on the hot seat?
  • Does Pope give his inspiring sermons while sitting on “The Papal Throne”
  • Did Sachin learn to bat while doing the “Thing”?
  • Was k-k-k-Kiran the direct result of SRK going through the motions?

Maybe all of the above are true.  maybe they aren’t. We will never know !! But it does provide interesting lessons for improving productivity. Do away with all fancy Team Work Trips and Longer Lunch Hours ye HR Managers, just provide more toilet breaks and see the staff productivity soar ! After all it is only about provoking the right hemisphere of the brain. But if – as they say – “Man is the Product of His Environment”,then maybe we should be a little scared. Should we? Once upon a time, Toilet Breaks were frowned upon as distractions. That time is up. Now, they are to be seen as an important part of the creative process !!

Looking at things from a macro perspective, the one solution to getting the world out of its depression has been staring at your face all the time you were reading this blog. The GDP Growth Figures can be doubled probably by increasing the number of toilet breaks. By the way, interestingly n o research has been carried out on if it is many breaks of short duration or fewer breaks of long duration which contribute more to the creative process. And also, is the relation linear? Would our GDP grow at double the pace if the number of breaks were doubled. Hmmm, interesting work for our economists now.


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