My Morning in “Narnia”

Confession time folks – I have always been allergic to waking up early. So allergic that I have never woken up to see a sunrise EVER !! The only way for me to see the sunrise was to stay awake all night & then sleep after the “DARSHAN“.
So today’s breaking news event turns out to be “I woke up early…” And though no Barkha Dutt or Arnab will be out there demanding the explanation for the nation from me, Yay !! I woke up early..
Now, as I write – I must confess, it is uncomfortable being awake and alive at this hour – like arriving at a formal party in fancy dress. This is the time when folks like me are generally in dreamland. It is unnerving to have so much time and not know how to waste it.
Why do people tell “Wake Up Early”? I looked around, and it is like being in Narnia. Today I solved many mysteries like how my room remains clean and from where the newspapers come from. I always thought that newspaper-boys were a myth – like Santa Claus! Today, I have found that the mythical creaure exists – in Flesh & Blood.
So as I trundle around my house, lookin at how things appear in broad day-light, I am astounded that there is so much beauty in the light of dawn.
The MBA in me always asked T.V Channels like Aastha – where do they find their sustainability, who are their target audience, are they subsidized for fun by the many Babas? Now, I know that my household is a target household – granny watching some Baba speak some *gibberish in rapt attention, like how we used to watch Cartoon Network.
Now, you might ask me if I will wake up early tomorrow too. Now, Hey Hey Hey : Just because Sir Ravindra Jadeja played like Gary Sobers does not mean he becomes Gary Sobers. Remember, “Form” is temporary, class is permanent !!
Narnia is a tourist spot – but I am still a resident of Lazyville !!
*P.S: Gibberish because I still was half asleep – could not make out what was being spoken.


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