And Here We Begin !!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..”

The above quote – people attribute it to Lao Tzu. Some also say that it was Confucious who said these words. I attribute it to Johnnie Walker. The key point is not who said it – but who understood it !!

Now, we may roll the ball. I have been thinking of how to waste all the time that I have been blessed with. Blogging has never been my forte – I am pathetic when it comes to communicating with people – be it online or in person. However, I have decided to give this medium another try.

This time – I have a theme. I am someone who just watches the water flow. The funny thing is – flowing of water is a science for some. Everything in this world is analysed. People love having opinions about everything. Quite often, these opinions follow a set pattern. I – on the other hand – have no views. I just look at the water flow. So I take it upon me to throw around some “dirty” views – views which will go against the mainstream and which will make some people feel uncomfy (if they bother reading my blog !! :P).

I hope this journey that I embark on today – I will be inspired enough to keep walking.


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